Swizl Jager

Swizl Jager, brings a refreshing energy to urban music in Aotearoa. With his bi-lingual (Te Reo Māori & English) lyrics and a metal background, Swizl Jager is able to adapt and produce a wide range of music. Born and raised in Tauranga Moana (of Ngaiterangi and Te Rarawa descent), he is currently residing in Auckland.

His fresh approach captures crowds from young to old and all other walks of life. He has had songs featured on a range of TV shows including “Find Me a Māori Bride”, “Moko Aotearoa” and “This is Piki” to name a few.

Swizl Jager holds a solid fanbase all around the motu, and the respect of a lot of Aotearoa’s biggest names in music & film. Swizl Jager is not afraid of the stage either, he has performed solidly all around the motu and Australia widening the reach of his music through the unparalleled energy he brings in his live show performances.