Ashley Hughes (formally Ethical)


In a world of mimics, fakes and fame-seekers we really need genuine artists like Ashley Hughes. It’s goodbye to his old moniker, ‘Ethical’ – this assumed name brought with it an assumed identity that now does not belong. He has been through way too much in recent years to be anything but real.


Sure, he had some fun fronting Kidz in Space and there is still that side to his psyche but there is another side that he just had to let out. It is now time to slow the bpm, to take a breath and let his word play and flow wind around screwed and spacious beats.


Out of tragedy he has re-invented his sound and soul. His recent tracks are back to spitting truth and honesty. He has things to say, not for effect, not for money or success, but for him, for his friends, for family, for the future. Every syllable is packed with energy and feeling, which is best appreciated when you see him command a stage and invade the audience’s mind.


‘Cold Night Dark Mourning' features producers and artists that mean something to him, who are real friends, people who are with the same movement of putting things together with heart and passion.


It’s time to fall in love with hip-hop again. "Years of heartache through the loss of my younger brother, manifested into 6 songs. This project has been a process, not only to create the music but a process to free me from the dark place my mind was once in" – Ashley Hughes.