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Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Luke-W (Luke Winny) draws from a wide range of Rock , Hip-Hop and R&B influences from the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Chris Cornell to Drake, Mac Miller, Kanye, J Cole and The Weeknd.

In his early teens, Luke-W picked up guitar and learnt music theory from his mother; who taught music and played classical piano. Luke-W raps and sings, having garnered a passion for Hip-Hop and free-styling in high school and the years following - which furthered his interest in pursuing music.

After dropping out of University in 2015 and deciding to leave NZ to make music and learn production, Luke-W landed in Bristol, UK. He spent the next two years there crafting his sound, whilst living in a music studio. Luke-W released his first EP in Dec, 2017. Picking up a host of Bristolian influences along the way, from UK Hip-Hop/R&B to Dub and DnB, he returned to New Zealand in 2018 with the intention of establishing himself in the local scene.

On his return Luke-W caught the ear of indie-urban label Move The Crowd Records (MTC) who saw the potential in his work, and together they decided to re-work, re-mix and re-master existing material and released the ‘Progress; EP in 2019.

In 2020, Luke-W released three singles off of his project ‘Timing Is Everything’ -  ‘True Cause’, ‘Breathe’ (featuring fellow MTC artist Sid Diamond) and ‘Law of Attraction’ (featuring bKIDD).  ‘Timing Is Everything’ was released in December 2020.