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Ashley Hughes

bio // 

In a world saturated with imitations, superficiality, and the pursuit of fleeting fame, Ashley Hughes stands out as an authentic artist. Formerly known by the moniker 'Ethical,' Ashley bids farewell to the assumed identity that no longer resonates with his true self, forged through a journey of profound experiences.

While his time with Kidz in Space brought a playful dimension to his artistic expression, Ashley now unveils a more introspective side, slowing down the beats to allow his lyrical prowess to intertwine with soulful melodies.

Emerging from personal tragedies, Ashley has transformed his sound and soul, returning to the essence of truth and sincerity in his music. The latest tracks emanate raw honesty, driven not by external motives but by a genuine desire to share his thoughts with the world—words infused with energy and emotion that come alive on stage, captivating the audience's minds.

Reconnecting with the core of hip-hop, Ashley Hughes is once again at the microphone, delivering irresistibly addictive honesty. His words flow with a sincerity and emotion that invite listeners to rediscover their love for the genre.

A prolific outpouring of words and poetry reflects Ashley's renewed creative energy. The beats struggle to keep up as he explores a new era in rap, marked by authenticity and realness.

Ashley Hughes invites audiences to join him on this artistic and personal odyssey, where each lyric and melody becomes a portal to a timeless and resonant experience.

music // 



Cold Night, Dark Mourning


F.O.E - Family Over Everything






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