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Smashproof’s ‘Brother’, which topped the New Zealand charts 10 years ago in a record run, still holds the record for the longest running New Zealand #1 single.

Sid Diamond

Sid Diamond previously known by his former stage name Young Sid (one third of iconic Hip-hop trio Smashproof), is a New Zealand rapper and songwriter.

Young Sid

Ashley Hughes

In a world of mimics, fakes and fame-seekers we really need genuine artists like Ashley Hughes. It’s goodbye to his old moniker, ‘Ethical’ – this assumed name brought with it an assumed identity that now does not belong. He has been through way too much in recent years to be anything but real.


Swizl Jager

Swizl Jager, brings a refreshing energy to urban music in Aotearoa. With his bi-lingual (Te Reo Māori & English) lyrics and a metal background, Swizl Jager is able to adapt and produce a wide range of music. Born and raised in Tauranga Moana (of Ngaiterangi and Te Rarawa descent), he is currently residing in Auckland.


Juse is a beatmaking producer from Auckland, New Zealand. He is a co-founder and kaiārahi (advisor) at Woodcut Music, a music production and publishing company based in Auckland.

Kidz In Space

When they first emerged, stiff, dark and synthetic, in early 2008, everything Kidz in Space did was shrouded in mystery. They claimed, semi-convincingly, to be from another planet. Videos featured images of the cosmos unfurling, and they accompanied songs which effortlessly melded the best of chart pop, rock and hip hop in a manner so effortless as to sound somewhat alien. Their television debut saw them in what at first glance looked like spacesuits.


Returning home to Auckland, NZ in 2018 after having spent two years in the UK crafting his sound in the renowned Bristol underground music scene, Luke-W - a rapper, singer/songwriter, and producer - had his sights set on establishing himself as a household name in Aotearoa. 

Sir T

Sir T, one of New Zealand's most highly regarded rappers, established a name for himself in Hip Hop as a result of his impeccable work ethic and honest, impassioned music.

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