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Juse is a beatmaking producer from Auckland, New Zealand. He is a co-founder and kaiārahi (advisor) at Woodcut Music, a music production and publishing company based in Auckland.

The son of Aotearoa rocker Tommy Ferguson, Juse's love for music started early, the product of spending his early years living in a nightclub. At the age of 13 he bought his first turntable and set about reconstructing it, and with an old tape-deck he experimented with cutting and fading… and his passion for DJ’ing and production began. This led to DJ work and he became the resident DJ at Escape, a popular Ponsonby nightclub in the early nineties, as well as the DJ for Dam Native, the legendary New Zealand Hip Hop innovators, at the tender age of 18.

Juse's passion lies in the evolving Pacific Hip Hop movement. Back in the day, as a colleague and collaborator with Che Fu and King Kapisi and other members of the Auckland collective ‘The Token Village’ in the 90’s in New Zealand, Juse was a part of a generation of New Zealand and Pacific artists that helped define the unique identity of New Zealand Hip Hop.

Juse refined his production skills by working on Che Fu's award winning album ‘2b.S.pacific’ (he produced ‘The Mish’ and co-produced ‘Waka’) and features with a rhyme on King Kapisi’s ‘Savage Thoughts’ (‘Da Ula’). Juse also created the sequenced/programmed beat for that classic Toyota ad ‘Everyday People’ by Murray Grindlay. His songs ‘Daylight’ and ‘Slow Down’ featured on Round Trip Mars ‘Sideways’ compilations, and ‘Coconut Sauce (featuring Tha Feelstyle)’ was a finalist in the BFM ‘Demo Derby’ in 2000.

Juse has written a critically lauded score for Black Grace Dance Company as well as working with a long list of kiwi artists including names such Shayne Carter, Manuel Bundy, Te Reo Takiwa-Dunn and Renee Geyer. His songs have featured on classic New Zealand films such as ‘Sione’s Wedding’ and ‘Topless Women Talk about their lives’. His championing of the South Auckland MC Tyree/TY and his crew Smashproof in New York to music executive Kirk Harding resulted in the joint venture of Move The Crowd Records that saw them sign a label deal with Universal Music in Australia and NZ, and along with many other memorable acts and songs created the longest running #1 in NZ history by a local act with Smashproof’s ‘Brother (feat Gin Wigmore).

His solo album ‘Global Casino’, an album inspired and made while on his world travels, included features from U.S.A’s Jo Jo Pellegrino, UK’s Plan B, Australia’s Daniel Merriweather, Smashproof, Tha Feelstyle, Mareko and Savage, just to name a few.

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Coconut Sauce


Global Casino


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