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Sir T

bio // 

Sir T, one of New Zealand's most highly regarded rappers, established a name for himself in Hip Hop as a result of his impeccable work ethic and honest, impassioned music.  A hardworking musician hailing from Beach Haven, North Shore, Sir T has built his career from the foundations of the hardships he often encountered in his upbringing. He has since established his sound and has had the opportunity to tell his real, authentic stories though his artistic talents, something that is a common trend with artists under the label. Sir T knows how to ignite and inspire audiences with authentic tunes that remain timeless.

Sir T's debut album Walk With Me was released in 2012, and expressed the impact that Hip Hop has had on him... and which remains today...."it isn't just a passion, but rather a way of life".

music // 

Whatever We Doing

Tryna Say

Pay Me


Don't Hang Around Here


Walk with Me

I'm Wassup [Remix]

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